Zoe's Story

Hi, I'm Zoe, Businesswoman, Leadership and Career Coach, Wife, Mum to 3 young children, Friend, Daughter, Sister, Wine drinker......I wear many hats. 

Since 2011, I've been running a coaching and leadership development business, but my story starts long before I set up in business and became a Career Coach. 

I think it begins as a model student. I was in the top sets at school, I got high grades and only ever one homework detention (I was mortified and I'm still not over it!!!)

The obvious path for me was A-levels and to go to University. Which I did, and from here I set about finding a graduate job and climbing the corporate ladder. 

I found a great company to work for and I enjoyed it all. It was simple. I just figured I'd continue on this path, getting more and more senior in this amazing organisation. But it's not that simple is it.......

Zoe Hawkins Leadership and Career Coach

Along the way, life happened and I realised I'd grown tired and stale, I wanted something different, with more meaning and purpose. AND, I also needed work that actually fitted with my life. 

What do I mean by that? 

In 2007 I met my husband, Ben, he was an Army Officer at the time. Army Officers get new jobs every 18 months - 2 years, anywhere across the country or overseas. I made the choice to move with my husband, after all, I quite liked him!

By 2011, we'd moved 3 times and had our first daughter. Her birth happened to coincide with an unexpected 6 month deployment to Afghanistan. 

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My career, at this time, involved a lot of international travel. Our 3rd move had taken me 7 hours away from family and friends, and I was facing pretty much a year of single parenting. 

One of us had to be the grown up, so I took the leap of faith and set up "In Good Company", my leadership development and coaching company, with my business partner and long term friend, Jo Wheatley. 

Since 2011, I've had 2 more children and through being a Leadership and Career Coach, I've created a life with purpose, ambition, passion, drive, achievement, learning, freedom, connection. All the things I need to be fulfilled. 

Why's my story important? Because I didn't get here without self doubt and crises of confidence. I had to make tough decisions and 'do the hard work' to understand my needs. It required change on many levels, including my mindset. And I didn't do it all on my own. I had coaches, mentors, and, of course, all my years of training. 

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So now that you’ve found me, here’s how you can work with me. You can:

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