Values: Your Secret Weapon to Finding Fulfilment.

Know your values

Values are your secret weapon to finding fulfilment  I trained as a coach in 2009, and from that moment on I felt like I was walking around with a secret weapon.   This weapon has the power to destroy boredom, frustration, self doubt, overwhelm, confusion and many other negative emotions that quite simply got in my way.    It’s not […]

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Perspective: The skill you need to take charge of your life.

Perspective: The one skill you need to take charge of your life

Perspective. Your future self has this all worked out. It’s all consuming now but it gets easier. You’re a resourceful person. There was a time when you wouldn’t have imagined having achieved what you have, and if you look hard, you’ll also see how much you’ve learned. And grown Even when you can’t see the […]

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Dear Stressed High Achiever. It’s OK. You’re good enough.

Stress. You are Good Enough

 Dear Stressed High Achiever,   Your life is busy but your heart is empty.   How did you get here?   You didn’t see it coming.    When you started out in your career you went at life with all the energy you had. You embraced new opportunities and threw yourself into your work with passion. Outside of work your life was a […]

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Slow Down – How to be calm even when you’re busy.

How to be calm even when you're busy

How do you maintain calm, even when you’re busy?   It was midweek and I hopped onto a call with my Supervisor, unprepared and with a tinge of guilt that I had no idea what I was going to bring to our session, I instantly found myself apologising.    “Sorry Elaine, I know I should have something to bring […]

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Being Authentic: How to set yourself free by being yourself

So I recently discovered that a great litmus test of being authentic is to test it with your kids. “Mummy, is that you in that video? (4 year old daughter watching one of my blog videos) Yes poppet. Oh weird. You’re different. Social media – sigh. I’ll admit it’s not my favourite pastime, but, as a coach, it’s a big […]

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Finding Fulfilment – How to work out what you want.

My journey to finding fulfilment starts something like this:“What would you like to be when you grow up?” Inside my mind was blank. “I’m going to be a vet” my sister said. “How about you Zoe?” Still blank I remember feeling like I should have an answer to this question. So, I went to my default position. “Me too”I remember thinking, […]

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How to Put Yourself First and Reclaim Time

How to put yourself first and reclaim time

 I needed more time, but it took me several years in business to turn down my first piece of work.    A request came in….   “Zoe, one of our trainers has dropped out at short notice and we’re urgently trying to find someone to fill the slot. It’s in Leeds on Friday, can you do it?”  My usual automatic […]

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SELF DOUBT: The one thing you need to know to get unstuck.

Self doubt is something I believe we can all relate to. If you’ve ever dared to try something new, set yourself a goal or aim high, then you’ve almost certainly experienced self doubt.  Which are you? Some of us are really good at sharing our self doubt; “There is no way I could do that, […]

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Imposter Syndrome: Why it’s a good thing after all

   Imposter Syndrome – you may have heard the term. It’s doing the rounds. The terms puts a name to that feeling you get when you don’t think that you belong and you’re going to be found out at any point.You feel like you’re winging it when everyone around you thinks you’re plain sailing.It sounds like some […]

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