Are you ready to sort out your career? 

You've not been fully enjoying your career for sometime now. You're working hard, often long hours but the joy is gone. If you're honest with yourself you're struggling, but that's not an easy thing to admit. 

You're an achiever, an action taker and problem solver, you pride yourself on doing great work. This is one problem that has you stumped. 

How on earth do you begin to figure out what to do with your career and get your wellbeing back on track?

Firstly, let me reassure you that you're not alone. I work with clients everyday who are in a similar place to you. In fact I'd be surprised if any of us get through life without questioning what we're doing with our careers at one point or another. It's normal. It's also damn difficult to figure it out on your own, so you're in the right place.

Why is it so hard? 

Well, we humans are complex aren't we? You know that from trying to lead and manage many of them! We're complex because under the surface we are driven and guided by our values, our beliefs and mindsets. Our life experiences shape who we are and how we think and when you are 'in' a problem, you can't think clearly. That's not a criticism - it's a fact. You can only experience the world through your eyes and when it comes to making changes you need someone outside of the problem to help you to see things differently. To uncover new knowledge, wisdom, perspective about your unique situation. It's that which enables you to get unstuck, figure to out and move forward. 

How can I help?

I've been working as a specialist career coach for over 10 years helping leaders and professionals like yourself work out what you need to thrive at work. 

Imagine being able to fully enjoy your work in a way that blends with your life, free of negative emotions such as guilt, exhaustion, feeling unappreciated, not good enough or an imposter. That's just a selection of the challenges my clients come to me with. Many feel they need a complete career change, others just want to reclaim more of their life beyond work. Most often these changes require deep work, to overcome obstacles that are holding you back. 

And that's where I come in. 

I apply a range of different coaching methodologies to my work, including, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt and Relational Coaching. These all add up to a powerful transformational experience that gets to the root cause of what's in your way. 

Results you can expect from coaching in this way include: 

  • Renewed passion, motivation and engagement for your work
  • Being clear about your fulfilment needs and your purpose
  • Overcoming unhelpful beliefs that hold you back
  • Building confidence and authenticity as a leader

Life is too short to keep doing something that brings you no joy. It's time to sort it out, once and for all, so you can get on with enjoying your career and your life as a whole. 

Here's how you can work with me today. 

The 90 Day Catapult Career Success Program includes: 
 Pre Coaching Diagnostic Questionnaire - helping me and you fully understand your situation right now and what you want to have happen
6, bi-weekly, 1 hour coaching sessions held over zoom (recordings available for your reflection at your request)
Unlimited access to me via e-mail
Resources, tools and techniques from my extensive resource library to aid and accelerate your development between sessions and for continued success beyond the program

Here's what previous clients have said.....

Christine - Head of Procurement

"A transforming experience for me for which I am very grateful for, every day, in all aspects of life. What I would callout specifically is the strong contract at the start, lots of flexibility on the topic and conversation which meant that we followed the path I needed, not one that was predetermined. You enabled me to take my journey. I loved that you said you were unshockable! You provided a good balance of safety, push, challenge and support. I am clearer now than I ever have been about what I need from my career and my confidence has soared. I would highly recommend it."

Matt - Senior IT Leader 

"Zoe has been a great career coach for me. She has helped me understand myself and make rapid change particularly around networking and career direction. She provides a confidential, impartial view and helps you get to the root of issues/goals. I now have a much better understanding of my drivers to help me better position next steps in my career and increase my job satisfaction. Zoe helps to hold that mirror up to yourself, to allow you to see the real you, allows you to admit mistakes without judgement and most importantly she works with you to change, providing support along what can be an uncomfortable journey to self improvement"

Andrew - Operations Director

"This whole experience has been life changing for me. I wasn't sure what to expect at first, but Zoe very skilfully put me at ease and I found it a relief to have an impartial, objective confidant to share some of the concerns I'd be working against for sometime. I came to this a bit disillusioned with my career and I leave with confidence, clarity and renewed sense of the leader I am and want to be. I have my focus and drive back and I'm loving life. Thank you Zoe for your raw honesty and your challenge in helping me to 'do the hard work' as you say!"

90 day package: £2500

Still have questions? No problem email me on with your details and I'll give you a call. 


When I look at myself compared with 7 months ago, I can’t quite believe how far I have come. I felt insecure, lacked confidence and faith in my abilities but felt ready for change and a drive to tackle the self-doubt and I’m “not normal” feelings that always seemed to be in my head.

Zoe has helped me to recognise the importance of my own values and beliefs which can highlight when my needs are not being met. I am more aware of when I need additional support and also have a tailored self-help toolkit to draw on when I feel those unhelpful thoughts and behaviours may creep back.

Zoe has supported me to build myself up again. I feel a sense of drive and focus that leaves little room or time to doubt my value. My whole coaching experience has been life changing, great fun and memorable. I can’t thank Zoe enough and would definitely recommend this amazing opportunity to others.



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