Get Creative with Goal Setting. Blog Series, Goals – Part 3

Goal setting

Hello! Here we are in part 3 of my Blog Series on goals and this week we’re looking at creative goal setting. In previous Blog Episodes we have looked at why goals are important and the top 5 mistakes you can make when setting goals (and of course what to do instead). So let’s look at how to get your brain juice flowing for a creative goal setting session. 

#1 – Goal Setting and Visualising

Before you start goal setting, take time to think about what you want your life to look like, feel like and be like in the future. 

Pick your time period, that may be 1 year, 3 or 5 years, or longer depending on your preference. When you have your time period, take yourself on a journey through your own mind. 

  • What is it like in your future? 
  • Are there any obstacles that you’ve overcome to get here? 
  • What can you see, hear and feel? 
  • Is anything new? 
  • How is your future different? 
  • What’s stayed the same?
  • Where are you?

Explore this place in the future, 

#2: Goal setting with all areas of life

It’s easy to jump in and start goal setting for the obvious things in life, such as work or health. Be sure not to neglect the less obvious parts of your life that will also influence your happiness. 


Think about why you set goals in the first place? Ultimately it’s for your fulfilment. So when you consider all aspects of your life you can think about what will help you to increase your overall fulfilment. 

What would that look like? 

Think about your relationships, your health, your hobbies and recreation, your financial stability or wealth, your friendships, your career or your personal growth. 

The things that are important to you may vary from this list. Start with thinking about this question;

“What is most important to me in my life”, then use that as a starting point for your goal setting. 

#3: Look at short, medium and long term goals

The year ahead is an obvious time period for goal setting, but there may be some things that are going to take longer than a year. You can start now to make changes that will influence your life for the better 3-5 years down the line. 

You can also look at your ‘low hanging fruit’. What would be a good goal to set now that you could achieve in the next few months. 

Build momentum with your goals and you’ll stay excited about continuing through the year with your goal setting

#4: Balance the level of challenge in your goals

I’ve said in a previous blog that goals should be out of your comfort zone in order for you to experience learning and growth – and that is true. 

My caution is, don’t pick 10 feisty goals that are all going to stretch you beyond your current level of comfort. 

Have a mix of really challenging, stretched and light goals. This way you get to celebrate your achievements throughout the year and you’ll get a mix of learning and challenge with grace and ease. 

#5 – Plan your setbacks

The one thing we often fail to do when goal setting is to think about the set backs and obstacles we may face in pursuit of our goals. 

We spend time thinking about what we want and what it would mean when we achieve it and we often deceive ourselves into thinking that the path to success is a linear one. 

It often isn’t. 

Achievement is often fraught with wrong turns, set backs and the unforeseen so factor in a dose of reality to your planning and you’re more likely to stay on track when something unexpected comes up. 

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