GOALS SERIES- Part 1: The Secrets to Increasing your Success Rate


“Tis the season to be jolly and if you’re anything like me then it’s also the season to plan your goals! 

This time last year I wrote about self care in the holidays, so take a look at that if you’re prone to pleasing others. Or rad on to hear about how to increase your likelihood of success with your goals. 

There is something special about the Christmas holiday that stretches beyond overindulging in mince pies and fizz. 

It’s the one holiday where everyone stops working. So no emails being sent at all hours, no urgent, unplanned conference calls, no ‘can you just….’ requests. You get to “Go Dark”, get off line and detox from the hum drum of corporate life. 

It is the best time for reflection as well as catching up with family and treating yourself in the sales. 

So what do I do with this time? 

I reflect on the year gone by and set goals for the year ahead. 

If you’re reading this, chances are I’m preaching to the converted – you know goals are important, so let me just quickly remind you of why and share a few things you may not know about goals. 

#1- Setting goals increases your chances of success

It’s pretty obvious right, but the reason why is that you need to give your unconscious mind clear instructions about what to look out for. 

We all process the world in different ways. Every second we’re taking in endless amounts of information through our 5 senses and to make sense of this our minds delete, distort and generalise to extract the information we need. 

If you have no goals, your unconscious mind will just be winging it (and we all know that doesn’t really end well!)

With a clear goal, your unconscious mind will pay attention to all the information that is relevant to it. 

So – if that’s looking for a new job, you’re going to start noticing people talking about changing jobs, or opportunities in familiar industries. Maybe it’s just going on a big, long haul holiday, if so you’re going to notice all the adverts enticing you to the worlds beautiful places. 

The short of it, set goals – any goals – but have a go, because those that do set goals are already one step ahead of you here. 

#2 – these 2 small things more than double your chances of success. 

So you now know you can set goals to increase your chances of success. Did you know that writing your goals down, and telling someone about them, increases your chances of success even more. You can read about it here in the study conducted by Gail Matthews. 

What’s important about that? 

Firstly, get yourself a diary, open up your calendar – whatever works for you and write out your goals at least EVERY MONTH, if not every day. Do this and you’ll be so focused, you’ll leave little room for distraction.

Secondly,  don’t keep your goals to yourself – share them with anyone who will listen. 

You might be recoiling a little bit about this so let me chime in with a couple of pointers

Don’t be so attached to the outcome of your goal

Obviously you want to achieve it, but you are not often in control of that. All you are in control of are the actions you take towards achieving your goal. Learn to cut ties to the outcome and focus more on what you are in control of and it may make it easier to declare your intentions to the world. 

Your goals should scare you

It should feel a little uncomfortable telling people about your goals. If they don’t scare you then they probably aren’t big enough. There’s no growth in setting goals inside your comfort zone. Kick them out into the learning zone and you’ve got yourself some traction. Embrace the discomfort as you declare your goals, it’s a sign you’re a go getter and you’re out there for change. 

Tune back in next week for some more top tips on goal setting, including insight into how to set goals that you are in control of and are therefore guaranteed to achieve. Goals with no fear of failure – now that’s got to be worth a look right!!! 



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