What you can learn from lockdown? 5 key lessons

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I’m sat here at the end of week 1 of lockdown, unsure what to write about.

There is so much pain in the world right now that it seems insignificant to write about self development, and yet, amongst all the pain, there is also so much joy. 

I’ve been coaching for over 10 years, and for those of you who coach, you know that you connect on a deep level with many people who share your line of work. It’s because you’re used to being vulnerable, you know how to talk openly and honestly and share  your unedited self. 

Since the lockdown, I’m seeing this everywhere. Big faceless corporations are sending personal, heartfelt emails, people are pouring out offers of support, communities are coming together to look after the vulnerable. When you do venture out, people talk to each other (from a safe 2m distance). It’s heartwarming and inspiring. 

There is also a pause. 

The pace is different. For many, work is slowing down, perhaps even halting. For others, particularly key workers, the pace is accelerating, snowballing even. Either way, health is at the forefront of people’s minds. Not just their own but that of their loved ones. 

Suddenly, we all appreciate our parents and grandparents more, if we’re lucky enough to still have them. We’re making time to connect with friends via videoconferencing – which we could have done at any time before the lock down. Against a backdrop of pain, lockdown presents a gift.

What’s in this pause for us? 

Here’s some thoughts from my experience of the last week. 

1. Your purpose emerges clearer than ever

Since the lockdown, I’m seeing many people discovering their core purpose. Perhaps it’s the time to breathe, or space to think. Maybe it’s your reaction to a crisis. Whatever it is, this ‘pause’ is an ideal time to listen to what is deeply important to you. 

  • Are you drawn to helping people? 
  • Do you find yourself ring leading the social connection?
  • Is protecting and providing for your loved ones even more heightened? 
  • Are you putting yourself at the centre of your organisations needs, so you can be of service? 

What is showing up for you whilst you’re in lockdown? Chances are, if you listen, your purpose is emerging clearer than ever. 

2. We have the gift of wellbeing

Working from home, confined to one space, suddenly wellbeing has to be a priority. For our sanity, for our mental health, and if you’re anything like me – for your waistline! 

Parents across the UK are starting the day with PE with their kids, people who would rarely consider going out for a run once a day are jumping at the chance for a change of scene. Dogs who are reluctantly walked have new enthusiastic owners!!! 

Most of us have time to look after ourselves and to learn what we need, plus, we get the chance to form new habits that can last long beyond this crisis. What will you keep up when the lockdown has lifted?

3. You learn about your gifts and talents

What strengths do you find yourselves leaning into right now? 

  • Perhaps you’re calm in this crisis? 
  • Maybe you’re busy looking out for others and supporting them with their needs?
  • Are you looking at what you can learn during this time? 

We naturally gravitate to our strengths and talents, so take a minute to consider which of yours you’re using right now. 

4. You see your true strength

I think you’re in the minority if you’re cruising through this crisis. Most of us are on an emotional rollercoaster, and yet, we’re still here. We keep going. 

We are all stronger than we think we are. 

It’s ok not to be ok, and for the first time, the majority of people understand that. People are united in their vulnerability. We don’t all feel the same, but we do all understand that everyone is emotionally affected by this. 

Vulnerability at this scale shows your true strength. 

5.You have opportunity to shape your future

The world is reshaping how we work, now is the time for you to decide how you emerge from this.

What do you want and what do you need? 

The planes are grounded, many businesses are closed or slowing. Even if you’re busy juggling work and children, you’re still in one place. There is no where to go, so why not explore what you want and need and start to think about how you emerge from this. 

If that interests you, you can start by taking look at my free online masterclass 


The most important thing you can do right now is look after yourself and others. Stay at home and save lives. Remember to ask people how they are and listen when they reply. We’re all in this together. 


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