Why now is the only “right time” for action


It’s not the right time, I said. 

Why not? Asked my friend. 

“Well it’s just not” and I proceeded to list all of my reasons. 

I’d been wanting to set up my own business for years, but it was never the ‘right time’ 

I hear you, but if not now, then when? 

mmm. I had to think about that. Many of my ‘reasons’ weren’t going away any time soon. 

There is never a right time to take action.

If we all waited until we were completely ready to take on a big goal, then the goal wouldn’t be worth pursuing. 

We can easily take action on things that are inside our comfort zone. But the ones that are outside of our comfort zone take courage and effort, and often risk. 

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Reasons are excuses. 

They don’t feel like excuses, but they are, even if they are real. 

I’ve been coaching for over 10 years now and I hear some really sophisticated ‘reasons’ for not taking action, but here are the only real valid ones (that I can think of right now anyway!!!) Feel free to comment and add your thoughts on more. 

1. I’m afraid

This is a valid reason. The reason it’s valid is because it’s honest. Most people dress fear up as “I don’t have the time” or “I don’t know how” but in all honesty it’s just fear talking. Fear of failure, or fear of missing out. 

When you can admit that you’re afraid, you can actually work with that, to understand it and move beyond it. You may not overcome it, because a dose of fear can be a good motivator for you when used in the right way. 

2. It’s not important enough

Many of us want what we don’t have, and we can sit and talk about it for hours. If it’s not fear that’s stopping you, then take a hard look and ask yourself – do I want it badly enough. If you do, then take the action. If you don’t then stop diverting your attention away from your current situation and focus on making that the best it can be. 

3. Sacrifice of basic needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is well known. It explains that we cannot satisfy higher needs until our lower needs are met. The order they come in are Physiological needs, Safety needs, Love and Belonging, Esteem and Self actualisation. 

You may recognise the desire to give it all up and follow your dreams but if it means risking making your family homeless and destitute you’re going to stay stuck. 

This is a legitimate excuse, but, the real question is “HOW” can you do it and mitigate the risks, not whether you can or not. You may need to adjust the dream, or the timescale or some other factor. But sticking with the excuse isn’t going to move you forward. 

4. You don’t believe in yourself

Maybe you don’t believe you can do ‘it’, or perhaps you don’t believe that you’re worth ‘it’, but one thing is for sure. If you don’t believe you can do it, then you can’t. Our beliefs dictate our behaviour so in order to succeed at your goal it needs to be in line with your beliefs, as well as your values and your identity. 

So, 4 legitimate reasons why you’re not taking action. 

The good news is, if you can identify your real reasons for not taking action, it actually makes taking action all the more easier! Awareness is half of the journey. 

Don’t believe your excuses, even if they seem real to you. Excuses keep you stuck.

Instead try asking yourself these questions: 

  • If not now, then when? 
  • What would I do differently if I didn’t (INSERT EXCUSE)?
  • How is this excuse limiting me?
  • How would my life be better if I achieved my goal in spite of (INSERT EXCUSE)?

We only get one shot at life, if you’re unhappy, dissatisfied, longing for more then don’t sit back and wait for the ‘right time’. Seize the opportunity, face the fear, bust through the beliefs and limitations holding you back and take the action. 

Excitement and adventure lies outside of the comfort zone. We all want a piece of that action. 

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