Let's get focused on your career next steps... 

You don't need to be confused about what you're going to do next in your career. 

I have a rapid way of helping you to build clarity around what's important to you and give you a framework on how to make decisions. 

This session is all about building clarity by understanding your career values.

Your career values are unconscious needs that have to be fulfilled to be able to experience motivation, engagement, joy and satisfaction. 

In this session....

  • You will understand why values are the single most important thing for you to know when you are searching for a more fulfilling and meaningful career
  • I will take you through my specific "VALUES ELICITATION" process that will enable you to uncover your unconscious values that drive your decision making and behaviour
  • You will learn how to use your values to take decisive action in your career
  • You will create a checklist of the 'must have' ingredients for your next role
  • We will talk through any questions or concerns you might have regarding your career and help you to gain clarity
  • You will leave the session knowing what you need to be fulfilled in work and how this will affect your life

This is a 1:1 coaching session, that takes place over zoom. The investment is £99 

That's £99 for you to have the clarity you need to make decisions about your career with confidence. 

 1 hour Focused Coaching Session via Zoom 
A full recording of your session so you can refer back to it and continue your learning

Here's what previous clients have said.....

Matt - Scientist and Researcher

" In one session you helped me to develop an entirely new framework for thinking through decisions in what I want to do in both life and work, it was truly invaluable!

Gerry - Senior Accountant

"Thank you so much for the session, it was a long overdue  look at my work and it's role in my life. I found it insightful and valuable. It's everythingI was hoping it would be" 

JUST £99

Still have questions? No problem email me on hello@zoe-hawkins.com with your details and I'll give you a call. 


When I look at myself compared with 7 months ago, I can’t quite believe how far I have come. I felt insecure, lacked confidence and faith in my abilities but felt ready for change and a drive to tackle the self-doubt and I’m “not normal” feelings that always seemed to be in my head.

Zoe has helped me to recognise the importance of my own values and beliefs which can highlight when my needs are not being met. I am more aware of when I need additional support and also have a tailored self-help toolkit to draw on when I feel those unhelpful thoughts and behaviours may creep back.

Zoe has supported me to build myself up again. I feel a sense of drive and focus that leaves little room or time to doubt my value. My whole coaching experience has been life changing, great fun and memorable. I can’t thank Zoe enough and would definitely recommend this amazing opportunity to others.



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