Do you nod yes to any of these? 

  • You lack fulfilment and joy in your career.
  • You think it might be time for career change but you're stuck and don't know where to start.
  • You're burnt out, overworked and in need of a solution
  • Something is holding you back from fully enjoying your work and life and you want to breakthrough it

My passion is helping people to create joyful and fulfilling lives. In my 10 years of coaching executives, leaders and professionals, I know that one of the biggest influences over our happiness is how fulfilled we are in our work.

It's the gateway to our wellbeing. Work gives us purpose, and purpose gives our lives meaning. When work isn't going well, it ripples through every part of our lives.

We all have it within us to create careers that are wildly successful AND meaningful. We don't have to sacrifice the things that are important to us in life for the sake of a career and my job is to show you how to do that AND help you create the mindset, habits, behaviours, beliefs and strategies so you can put it all into action. 

I am a specialist career coach that enables people to get to the root cause of what's not working for them. Sometimes it's a simple case of needing to understand your wants and needs for a fulfilling career and this clarity enables you to power forward with your career plan in hand. Other times your career has gone off piste because you're burnt out and in need of approaching work differently. Where this is the case there's often unhelpful beliefs and mindsets at play lead you to feeling overworked and undervalued. As a coach specialising in transformation and behaviour change I can quickly help you to recognise where the change needs to take place and work with you to re-wire your mindset and develop more helpful behaviours and strategies. 

I do this through a range of coaching methodologies such as Neurolinguistic Programming, Transactional Analysis, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Gestalt and Relational Coaching. You don't need to know what these are, just rest assured that you're in safe hands and together we will work out how to get you back on your A-Game, living the life you want to have and enjoying a thriving career. 

So here are the ways that you can work with me. 

Next Steps Career Change Focus Session


A short and powerful online course to the core of what you need to feel fulfilled at work and create your next step career actions with confidence. You'll leave this course clear on what's important to you and how you can achieve career satisfaction. 

This session will get you unstuck and ready to take action. 

Career Change Online Coaching Program


The ultimate step by step career change program to eliminate uncertainty, confusion and overwhelm about what to do with your career and catapult your career with clarity, passion and purpose. If you're thinking you want a career change, this is for you.

This program will give you what you need to take decisive action and change your career.

Career Coaching


Work with me 1:1 and I will use my 10 years of coaching hundreds of clients to tailor a bespoke coaching package specifically for your needs and ensure that you achieve your success goals by overcoming deeper obstacles holding you back

This is the ultimate career success package that dives into values, mindsets and beliefs.


When I look at myself compared with 7 months ago, I can’t quite believe how far I have come. I felt insecure, lacked confidence and faith in my abilities but felt ready for change and a drive to tackle the self-doubt and I’m “not normal” feelings that always seemed to be in my head.

Zoe has helped me to recognise the importance of my own values and beliefs which can highlight when my needs are not being met. I am more aware of when I need additional support and also have a tailored self-help toolkit to draw on when I feel those unhelpful thoughts and behaviours may creep back.

Zoe has supported me to build myself up again. I feel a sense of drive and focus that leaves little room or time to doubt my value. My whole coaching experience has been life changing, great fun and memorable. I can’t thank Zoe enough and would definitely recommend this amazing opportunity to others.



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